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Gun Policy and Proxy Voting

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How You Can Make An Impact: 

Get involved. Sign up for the Civex email and access for the forthcoming app. As a shareholder you can ensure the companies you’re invested in hear your voice. We now see unions, state comptroller’s, retirement fund managers, foundations, and even religious organizations using the power of their shares to tell corporations what’s important to them.

What Is Gun Policy?

Gun policy is the set of policies that regulate the use of firearms by civilians.

How Does Gun Policy Appear In Proxy Voting?

From gun manufacturers being asked to complete a human rights report on the impact of their products, to big banks considering their role played in enabling purchases of firearms and ammunition, these issues have found themselves on many corporate ballots. 

Recent Gun Policy Examples

Recently, some organizations have started asking the top U.S gun manufacturers to review their businesses to learn how to curb firearm misuse. 

  • General Dynamics shareholders voted on a proposal to identify, assess, prevent, mitigate, and remedy actual and potential human rights impacts associated with high-risk products and services (3/22).
  • Mastercard faced a proposal this year on if and how they intend to reduce the risk associated with the processing of payments involving its cards for the sale and purchase of “firearm kits”.

Shareholder Impact On Gun Policy

After years of pressuring one of the two publicly held gun manufacturing companies, Sturm Ruger, Civex advocate, ICCR, and its member organization CommonSpirit Health, successfully presented a proposal at the recent annual general meeting. The majority of the shareholders voted for Sturm Ruger to hire an outside consultant to study the “human rights” impact of the guns it sells.