The Company

What is the mission of Civex?

Civex is the fintech company founded to increase the participation of individual investors in proxy voting by hosting a community where individual investors, shareholder advocates, and publicly traded companies can engage and discuss issues including upcoming proxy votes.

Put simply, we believe that all people who own shares in companies – regardless of their personal beliefs – deserve fair representation of their values.  

We are focused on the G – governance – in ESG.

Who can use Civex?

Civex is for everyone. Users may use their investments in company stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs to have an impact with companies on issues that matter.

How much does the Civex app cost?

Civex is free for individuals.

Getting Started

Is it required that I connect my investment account?

For the best experience and collective impact, we recommend connecting your investment account but it is not required. By linking your accounts, we bring your interests and investments together into one convenient place for you.


Is my proxy vote delivered to my brokerage or the company in question?

No, Civex is currently gathering user sentiment. We expect to be able to deliver proxy votes in the near future – sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay informed.

What is a sentiment vote?

A sentiment vote is a way to share your beliefs of how you would vote on proposals. Your vote will help other users in your communities decide how to vote, as well as influence companies and money managers in decision-making. 

Security & Privacy

What is your security policy?

Our top priority is protecting our members and we have a set of policies that we adhere to. We use encryption, access control, and security processes to ensure your activity is always safe with Civex.

Is my investment portfolio public?

No, we take security and privacy very seriously. Your individual investment information will never be made public, nor will it be sold.

Can other users see my holdings?

No, Civex users cannot see your investment portfolio.

Does Civex connect directly to my brokerage account?

Civex can not connect to your brokerage account. With your permission, Civex can display but not alter account holdings through Finicity, a Mastercard company.

Can anyone see my vote or poll decisions?

No.  Our data only displays at an aggregate level.  I.e. total number of sentiment votes with no names attached to the votes.

Where can I find more information on your policies?

You can check out our privacy notices, cookie policy, end user license agreement and all the legal information pertaining to your account here: Privacy Notices

If I follow companies or Advocates on Civex, will they be provided with my email address?

No personally identifiable information provided on our app will ever be shared or sold to a third-party without your explicit permission.